New Bern District Other Officers

Rev. Jessie Dancy photo

Rev. Jessie Dancy, Ministerial Advisor

Rev. Sandra Rhodes photo

Rev. Sandra Rhodes, Conference Workers District President

Sis. Glenda Roulhac photo

Sis. Glenda Roulhac, President: Home Missions/Virgin Island

Rev. Michael Burden photo

Rev. Michael Burden, Ministerial Advisor

Rev. Theodore Heano Farrow photo

Rev. Theodore Farrow Director

Rev. Jessie Dancy photo

Rev. Jessie Dancy

Rev. Dexter Jones photo

Rev. Dexter Jones

Shelia Johnson photo

Shelia Johnson

Sis Glenda Roulhac photo

Sis. Glenda Roulhac

Rev. Dorothy Dixon photo

Dorothy Dixon

Sis. Lorean Wilson photo

Sis. Lorean Wilson

Rev PC Jones photo

Rev. P. C. Jones, Ministerial Advisor

Bernard George photo

Bernard George, President

Theme: Men Working Together Works Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12
Goal: To Build Male Spiritual Relationships Across the New Bern District by Developing and Building Strong Family, Church, and Community Leaders.

2021 Conference Year Program Vision, Goals and Activities

1) Provide a Program with Guest Speakers During Each of the Three Combined Meetings.
• January 16 – Planning Meeting with Black History Moment
• April 17 – Youth Recruitment & Program
• July 17 - Health and Wellness

2) Two Annual Projects (Suggestions)
• Overseas/Foreign Missionary Project)
• School Youth Mentoring Project
• Political Action Project

3) Annual 2-3 Hour Men’s Conference (June 4 & 5)
Bro. Hank Dobson, NC Conference Men of Zion President, ENCED Reginal Lay Council President

• Men of Zion Institute as recommended in Bishop Monroe’s Episcopal Address: (No.3)
Develop spiritual formation classes to edify the congregation regarding their individual commitment to the Christian faith.
Impart to the congregation what it means to be Christian in this present society.

4) Organize Project/Mission Planning Committees to Include Youth
• Organize MOZ Choir to Sing
• Finance Committee to Review Budget and Fundraising Strategy
(Bro. R. Hargett, Bro. Curtis White, Rev. Burden, and Rev. Willie Jones)

Rev Stephanie Hargett photo

Rev. Stephanie Hargett, Ministerial Advisor

Carolyn Coward photo

Carolyn M. Coward, President

Calvin Shephard photo

Calvinett Shepherd

Carole Downing photo

Carole Downing

Rev Gregory Hargett photo

Rev. Gregory Hargett, Jr.

Jayson-Coley Hargett photo

Jayson-Coley Hargett

Shelia Johnson photo

Shelia Johnson

Living A Life That ImpA.C.T.S. (Accountability, Christ-like, Team Building, Stewardship)