Prayer is the primary way we communicate with God. It is a way for us to draw near to God. How do we get to know someone up close and personally if you do not spend time with the person? Prayer is mentioned over 250 times in the Bible. It is a way for us to thank the Lord for His goodness and all the things He provides. It is also a way for us to confess our sins, ask forgiveness, and seek His help to overcome evil. Prayer is also an act of worship and obedience. The more we genuinely talk with God, the more we come to know Him as we deepen our relationship with Him. Prayer changes us. When we spend time with God, He is working in our lives to change our hearts to be more like His. Prayer helps us move from a self-centered live style. Prayer brings breakthroughs in life. Little prayer, little power!

Living A Life That ImpA.C.T.S. (Accountability, Christ-like, Team Building, Stewardship)